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Can I log into any machine in the LON-CAPA network?
If the machine is set up correctly, yes you can.  Just make sure that you 
specify your correct domain.  For example, I can log into a machine at Ohio U, 
but I must specify my username, password, and domain as "msu".

There are some cases when you can't log into any machine:

Creating courses - you must log into the machine that course administration 
will go through.

Author/Co-author - you must log into the machine that the construction space 
is located on.
To generalize this:

Any machine in a cluster can run sessions for any user in the cluster,
regardless of domain.

All functions for all users work from any machine in the cluster, except the
roles of author and co-author.

In order for author or co-author to work, the user needs to log into the
machine that hosts the respective construction space. 
The email below is for a user whose authoring is done on an MSU server and 
course is administered through a server in the Wyandotte domain:

- Everything except authoring/construction space stuff can be done on
any machine in the network. That includes
1) modifying classlists
2) modifying course parameters
3) doing homework
4) viewing student status/grades/statistics
5) modifying spreadsheets for studens
6) anything but construction space work.

> > However, can I work on S10 and access it on Wyandotte?

All problems published on s10 are available at all machines in the
network, including Wyandotte, so all work that is published, will be
available at Wyandotte.

> >  What about my class list-can I put that on S10 and access it on
> > Wyandotte?

All modifications to a course, and all modifications to classlists /
course parameters / etc . can be seen and done at any machine in the

> >  Also, I cannot use the co-author role on the Wyandotte site, it
> > keeps going back to the role page.

All authoring must be done on the machine that has the construction
space. In this case it is s10, so when doing construction login to
s10, when doing other stuff login to either s10 or wyandotte or any
other machine in the network.
LON-CAPA stands for Learning Online NETWORK with CAPA.  The key word
here is "network".  

Because lon-capa is a network, you can log onto any machine in the
lon-capa network by specifying the correct domain.  You need to specify
the domain so the machine you are logging into knows where to go and
verify your login name and password.  After logging in, you are now
logged into the LON-CAPA NETWORK and can do your work.

Some work can not be done anywhere in the LON-CAPA network, but must be
done on a particular machine.  This work is working in your construction
space and being domain coordinator.  Let's forget about domain
coordinator for now because you will not encounter this.  

You need to be on a particular machine when you work on your
construction space because it is private.  This privacy comes from your
construction work being done in your own individual directory (space) on
a particular machine.  This space is not shared with other machines. 
This is why you need to publish something for it to be used in a class. 
By publishing things from your construction space, you make a copy of
the resource in your private directory to another space that is public
and part of the NETWORK.  You may have heard one of us mention the terms
"private space" and "public space" before.  Private space is your
contruction space and public space is a directory that can be accessed
by the entire lon-capa network.  Because construction space is not part
of the network, you need to go to the particular machine where your
construction/private space is to work on it.
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