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How do I create a demo course?
1.)  Log in as the domain coordinator
2.)  Click CCRS on the remote to create a course
3.)  Give your course a title, and keep the course empty or use 
/res/msu/demo/demo.sequence as the top-level map
4.)  Make yourself or another user the course coordinator (you have the option as
domain coordinator to automatically make yourself course coordinator to the course).

Log out and log back in and you can play around with the course.  Use DOCS to build
your course.  Click PARM on the Remote Control or Inline Menu and set parameters 
(due dates, etc.). Use ENRL and enroll yourself as a student.  

If you want to create material in the LON-CAPA resource pool in addition to any 
templated material you may have built in DOCS, theb look in the Authoring part of 
this faq for more help.  

Feel free to add your own question/answers to this faq after you are done 
exploring your demo course!  It will really help us out if you happen to 
have time to do that.

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