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How do I create a new author?

Open up a web browser and go to your lon-capa login page.
Login as a Domian Coordinator, select CUSR on the remote control (type
in username, click the User Roles button, fill in data, select role of
author, and click click the Modify User button.

NOTE:  You may want to make yourself co-author to most authors (with their
permission).  This way, if the user needs help, you can quickly go to their
construction space and see what the difficulty is without having to log
into their account.  To make yourself co-author, log in as the new
author, click CUSR on remote, type in your username, and then select the
check box where it says "co_author".  Click "Modify User" at the bottom of
the page.  Another thing we do at MSU is make one author user, for
example "bio", and let all the people who are working jointly on
creating content be co-authors to the one space.
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