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How do I add a new item?
1) Go to the category you want to contribute and answer to.

2) Click on the link near the bottom of the page:

[New Answer in "XXXX"] where XXXX is the category you wish to add to.

3) If you do not have a login follow the link, [Create a New Login] to set up an account. If you still have trouble posting send an email to Felicia and she will add you to the FAQ administrator group.

4) Enter your email and password to identify yourself.

5) Give it a short title (or question) hit "Submit Changes" then type your answer into the text box. Hit "Submit Changes" again when you are finished. Hit "Revert" to cancel.

***NOTE*** As soon as you click the [New Answer in "LON-CAPA User Help"] link, a new answer will be created, even if you don't hit the "Submit Changes" button. It might not appear right away, but if you leave the category and return, it will come back.

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