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Can reducing the number of servers in hosts.tab increase efficiency of my server?
No.  The network connections (lonc/lond) created by hosts.tab place
a very low load on the server which does not greatly interfere
with memory usage and the CPU rate.

The only potential efficiency problem that might result is
the introduction of poorly configured/updated LON-CAPA machines
in the network (bad lonc/lond software)--causing servers to have
their Apache web server children wait on various network request
(the Apache child will go on with life, but it is inefficient
while it is waiting to timeout the lonc/lond connection).

There is great importance attached to this issue right now.

The research and development arm of LON-CAPA is currently
implementing these further solutions:
* lonc/lond connections are dynamically brought up and down
  based off of the timeout field and the maximum number
  of connections fields in hosts.tab
* the upgrade process will test the lonc/lond layer
* hosts.tab will be automatically updated and with this
  automatic update, there will be testing of the lonc/lond
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