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Enabling your browser for remote control functionality .
The LON-CAPA remote control requires that you allow pop-up windows, cookies, and
JavaScript (activescript for some IE browsers). Most browsers have preferences
or options that you can access from the top of the window to make these changes.

For IE 6.0 on Windows ME, follow the instructions below: 
1.      Click Tool and select Internet Options. 
2.      Click the Privacy tag and change your settings to Medium-High or lower. 
3.      Click the Security tag and change your settings to Medium or lower. 
4.      Close your browser and re-open it. 

For Netscape 6.0 or Mozilla, you would follow the steps below: 
1.      Click Edit then preferences. 
2.      Click the + near Advanced. 
3.      Click Scripts and Plugins. 
4.      Check Enable JavaScript for Navigator near the top. 
5.      Check the box near Read Cookies to allow Cookies. 
6.      Close and re-open your web browser. 

If you still have problems logging into LON-CAPA or have trouble editing your 
browser's options, please try a computer in one of MSU's computer labs or contact
your TA or instructor. 
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