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How to report a bug or request an enhancement.
LON-CAPA uses "Bugzilla" (http://www.bugzilla.org/) to report and track bugs 
and enhancements.  To use Bugzilla, you will need to have an account with 
LON-CAPA's Bugzilla. You can create an account at http://bugs.lon-capa.org and  
then select Open a New Account. To report a bug or request an enhancement, do 
the following:

1. Open the web page http://bugs.lon-capa.org
2. Select enter a new bug report.
3. Select the product (LON-CAPA) on which to enter a bug.
4. At the login screen, enter your email address and password.
5. Click Login.
6. Select the version of LON-CAPA, the LON-CAPA component the bug is in, the platform 
your using, and the operating system your using from the pull down menu.
7. Enter a summary in the summary text box.
8. Enter a description in the description text box.
9. Click Commit.

LON-CAPA is open-source software where everyone is free to contribute to the 
development. If you think of an enhancement request, or find a bug in the system, 
please report it. All reported bugs and enhancement requests posted on Bugzilla
will be examined by the core LON-CAPA team. Having the request in Bugzilla
makes it much easier to keep track of bugs and enhancement requests, making it
less likely such things will get lost or be forgetten as requests not in 
Bugzilla frequently are.

Bugzilla also supports conversation about requests, and some workflow and 
accountability features. You'll be able to see how the developers respond to
the bug, who is currently responsible for it, and what the developer's intention
williams@lon-capa.org, bowersj2@msu.edu
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