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What ports does a LON-CAPA system need open?
LON-CAPA requires that ports 5663, 8080 and 80 be open in order for loncapa to work.
5663 is used to implement a TCP/IP courseware management trafficking layer on the distributed network system (educational resource data is passed, user information is handled, etc).
8080, necessary for logging in, is used to deliver auxiliary web content (e.g. icons).
80 is used for standard http data.
While you can probably alter 80 to another port, 8080 and 5663 are currently hard-coded. Whereas 5663 is the uniform standard across all other LON-CAPA servers, it is unchangeable.
You probably want port 22 (ssh) open. You may also wish to open other ports for nfs/samba etc.
Leaving port 25 open, would also be a good idea as we plan for Lon-CAPA to receive email in the future.
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