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LON-CAPA users can ask questions and request assistance from the MSU LON-CAPA group by completing the online help request form. A member of the group will contact you by e-mail or 'phone to answer your questions, or to help resolve problems you may have encountered. Before submitting a help request you are encouraged to explore online resources such as the LON-CAPA course management and authoring manuals, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ-O-Matic) help system.

LON-CAPA help requests Documentation

The MSU LON-CAPA group has adopted a help request tracking system to help manage the support needs of the LON-CAPA community. After you have submitted a question or help request via the online form, you will receive an initial e-mail confirming receipt, followed by additional e-mail as we work to answer your question/request.

The Course Coordinator Manual explains how to carry out common course management tasks in LON-CAPA, such as creating a course from published resources in the LON-CAPA system, importing classlists, changing course settings such as due dates for homework problems, and managing grades using the LON-CAPA spreadsheet etc. The Author Manual explains how to create homework problems, and also how to develop course materials in re-usable sequences which can then be imported into any number of different courses. The guides to building a course and exams are concise two to three-page documents that explain (a) the essential steps involved in building a LON-CAPA course and (b) the steps required when building, printing and grading randomized exams using LON-CAPA.

Mailing Lists Frequently Asked Questions

The LON-CAPA mailing lists are e-mail lists to which you can subscribe to receive e-mail posted by other LON-CAPA list subscribers. There are separate lists concerned with administrative issues, general LON-CAPA usage, announcements, and LON-CAPA development.

The FAQ-O-Matic is a compendium of answers provided to common questions asked by users of LON-CAPA over the past couple of years. Answers are organized in topic folders and subfolders. The FAQ-O-Matic is a community resource, to which LON-CAPA users may contribute their own answers to questions they themselves are commonly asked about LON-CAPA.

Overview of LON-CAPA Report bugs/feature requests to the LON-CAPA developers

The overview page includes links to pages describing the philosophy and history of LON-CAPA as well as information about LON-CAPA presentations, workshops and events and a list of institutions who are a part of the LON-CAPA community.

Create an account for yourself in the LON-CAPA Bugzilla tracking system, if you wish to report bugs you have encountered in the LON-CAPA software, or if you have suggestions for improvements in LON-CAPA. Suggested improvements may include additional functionality, improved usability, or changes to wording used in LON-CAPA pages, including the embedded help system.

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